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Extraordinary Delivery System

The high solubility of Brighca's nanofiber film makesT-Coll Marine Collagen and other premium ingredients absorb into the skin layers quicker than any other application.

Remarkable Sustaining Power

After 15 minutes, delivery starts within the epidermis layer, breaking the stratum corneum skin barrier and providing sustainable realease over the first 4 hours. From 4 to 8 hours, penetration into the dermal layer is shown to rapidly increase up to a concentaration of 2.6ug/ml, devlierying the actives to where they really work.

T-Coll Marine Collagen

T-Coll Marine Collagen from Brighca retains the long chains from collagens natural state, triple helix form, meaning that it is closer in make up to the body's naturally produced collagen, thus marking it more effective. Comparing with other hydrolysed collagen in the market, T-Coll Marine Collagen's highest concentration produces 280% more elastin/